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How to Get USA Traffic for Your Blog 100% Working Method

How to Get USA Traffic for Your Blog 100% Working Method

Get USA Traffic for Your Blog 100% Working Method

Hey, friends, I hope you are must be doing well. Today I thought I have to give you an amazing trick to get USA traffic for your blog. Friends this is 100% working method. Many bloggers are leaving blogging because they could not get traffic for their blogs. And most of their time wasted on their blogs. I have a solution to get traffic for your blogs. I hope you know about Stumble Upon. Friends we can generate a lot of the USA and other countries traffic from here. I have a full proof. Now I am sharing my personal experience to get traffic from Stumble Upon. We deny many platforms while we are doing blogging. We should learn first and then implement the source on it.

Now I am going to tell you in steps just follow the steps.

Remember the following things while you are getting traffic:

Here are some steps which you have to follow to get USA traffic for your website.

  • Hey, first of all, create an outstanding article.
  • Then go to StumbleUpone.com.
  • Create an account there.
  • And go to “Setting”.
  • Do all the settings there.
  • Then set your picture also.
  • Go to Title Generator.
  • Get eye-catching title there.
  • And make your article well and reader’s loving.
  • Now, you can stumble upon your article.

Stumble Upon your article at 12 pm or 1 pm

  • USA people are active at this time.
  • So share your relevant article category.
  • I have proof.

I wrote an amazing article on Adsense earning keyword. Then I shared my article on SEO category and Internet tools etc. after one day I opened my website admin panel. I saw, many visitors came to my website and shared my article. Then I realized we can generate a lot of traffic from Stumble upon.

Friends this is 100% working method. Try for one time and remember you title will be eye catching and reader will be attracted towards your article. And I wanna to tell you that you can also create a large amount of traffics from Reddit just like this.

Follow the steps to get USA traffic from Reddit:

  • First of all, you should have status on Reddit.
  • For having Status, you should be active on Reddit.
  • Go to 10minutemail.com.
  • Get an email and signup on Reddit.
  • Activate your Reddit account first.
  • Then create an image or get from the internet.
  • Check, either image is duplicate or not.
  • For checking image.
  • Go to Kermadecay.com.
  • There you will get information about copy paste image.
  • If the image is duplicate, then make yourself an outstanding image.
  • Then, publish the image on Reddit.

Famous Reddit Categories:

  • News.
  • Gifs.
  • Videos.
  • Food.
  • Art

Here are some of them. My main target to tell you that how you can generate USA traffic for your blog.

Now I will tell you how to Publish Article on Reddit.

  • You have to select a category where you want to publish your post.
  • To your title should match with your article which you want to share.
  • Then at 9 or 12 Pm.
  • You will get a lot of traffic for your site by using this method.

I am damn sure you will get success by using this method. May Allah help you. And don’t spam. Share must because sharing is caring. And stay tuned for more premium stuff. And one more thing if you feel any problem then you can comment. Must give feedback for every article. If you like this then ***Thumbs UP***

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