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Download Adobe Air v26.0.0.118 + SDK

Adobe Air is actually derived from the first letters of the Adobe Integrated Runtime is a Runtime runs on any operating system or platform and that the Mac does it for you provided with any skill web programming such as JavaScript, HTML, Flex, Flash or Ajax content RIA or rich Internet applications (web application rich) create it on the computer desktop your (Deploy photos) and actually made it possible for you to provide applications Web its interest in the download Adobe Air v2.7.1.19610 + SDK – Adobe tools Ayrmamy your time with.

Since applications built for Adobe Air and is completely independent of the Web browser on your computer needs to run all the facilities of an application desktop will provide for you. Companies like eBay and AOL of this software is powerful to create and build attractive new applications that the Mac is the use of services and services provided by them to provide on your desktop use.

In short, using Adobe Air means simpler, more powerful, and more fun to use for web applications. Another feature of this program is web-security, in which Adobe Air helps secure the installation of digital signatures on any Adobe Air program that identifies its application and its builder before installation.

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