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Download Udemy Design your ultimate 2D game characters with Inkscape

Udemy Design your ultimate 2D game characters with Inkscape

Simple and fast method and character blueprints to create versatile vector characters with a free open-source program!
What makes a good game? A good game needs a great story. It needs nice overall graphics. Engaging gameplay. And it also needs well designed characters! This course is exactly about that! When you are developing your own game, and you are not a designer, you will find creating a hero for your game challenging!

During the course we learn

the theory of character design
what makes a good character
my 6 step character design method
to create a character sheet
to prepare our characters for animation
to animate our characters

And we will do all this in Inkscape, this epic free software! It is a very versatile vector tool, which makes designing characters much more easier and faster! Get in on inkscape.org!
Apart of the above, I will share character blueprints with you! These are showing how I design a character with Inkscape from scratch. We practice different skills with each character. We create character sheet from one, and basic animation from the other.
Your task will be to practice and create character sheet and basic animation for all the characters, or your very own game hero / enemy!
I will also share tips and tricks in the course. In these short lessons I usually want to help you to work faster and create better designed figures.

Mind that this is only the first version of the course! I will add several new character blueprints – and listen to the need of my students – and I will keep the course updated. My goal is to have about 10 blueprints .
I do not want to talk about myself . If you want to know me better, read my instructor bio. But I can tell you one thing: I am here to teach. When you ask me, I will help and will find a solution to your problem the best I can!


Manufacturer: Yvdmy / Udemy
language of instruction: English
Tutor: István Szep
educational levels: Beginner, intermediate
training time: 2h 30m

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