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Last Day on Earth Survival MOD Apk and Data

Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK and Data from Kefir! is now available on Android featuring vast open world to explore in Zombie Apocalypse settings. do you remember Durango BETA i have posted this game long ago which is now closed and game will be released soon. MOD Last Day On Earth Survival walks on same path as durango so if you are still thirsty for Duragon then you can play Last Day On Earth MOD APK for quite sometime and you will not get bored for sure. Here in game currency is Coins which are unlimited in MOD APK so you can buy XP Boosters easily it gives 100% extra XP while killing zombies in Open world survival game.

Last Day On Earth Survival Mega Mod Android 1.5.8

Its a zombie survival online game like State of decay. if you have played state of decay you might be familiar with this game as well. all you have to do is survive in the amazing vast world by gathering resources and building your own home with woods and other resources. Gathering resources easy because of its AUTO MODE where your player will be collecting all the materiel automatically. you will then open builder option and build your home with available options. your home will guard you in zombie attacks and help you survive. Since its a MOD APK of Last Day on Earth Survival you will have GOD MODE as well so you will not die out there surviving.

Last Day on Earth Survival MOD Apk and Data

What’s In The MOD APK Of Last Day on Earth Survival:-
1. Free Shopping
2. Free Blueprints (No Research Points Needed)
3. Free Craft (No Resources Needed)
4. Free Energy Refill
5. Free XP Booster

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Credits: RoyalGamer

Version: 1.5.8



Download Links:

Install MOD APK and Play.

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