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VU Allow Quiz Copy Google chrome extension


VU Allow Quiz Copy Google chrome extension

Virtual University recently has updated their LMS and especially the Quiz system. They have blocked the ability to copy the quiz question from the Quiz interface so that students don’t copy/paste the questions into google or other documents to find answers quickly.
But in this tutorial you’ll learn how to enable copy/paste once again in the Quiz interface of VU LMS.
Follow all the following steps carefully and copying quiz questions from VU LMS will work once again.

How this VU Allow Quiz Copy Extension will work:

  1. First install Tampermonkey Chrome app. Click Here and add the Tampermonkey app to Chrome browser.
  2. In this step, click on this link and install the script. It will install in Tampermonkey.
  3. In this third and final step; click on Tampermonkey icon in the plugin bar of your chrome on top ride side of the address bar and click to open Dashboard, and just make sure that the script installed is “On”, if it is not, click to turn it on.

That is it, all done. You will be able to select the questions from Quiz interface and ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste wherever you like.

Method 2:
Here is another method that you can try if the above do not work for you. Install the Chrome extension Click below link and click on “Add to Chrome” to install.
VU Allow Quiz Copy
How to use:
After installing the extension you will see an icon on the top right side, click on that icon while solving quiz, Click on “Get Question!”, you will get a popup, Copy Quiz Question from that popup.

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VU Allow Quiz Copy Chrome Extension

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